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Helath, Safety and the Environment

At ANW, the welfare of our team is of paramount importance. Our backbone is our team. Therefore, adherence to health and safety at every stage and every area of our development is practised.

We do this through extremely detailed, rigorous and precise planning and management.

ANW are at the forefront of designing to build to achieve sustainability. Our buildings will last hundreds of years. It is therefore our duty and responsibility to ensure the use of carefully sourced locally available materials where possible to ensure local growth. We want everyone to profit through our projects.

Waste management is a key factor in our building projects. ANW ensures that there is minimal impact due to waste generated through our development program. All hazardous waste is handled in accordance with their unique requirements. Maximum recycling is encouraged where ever possible and feasible.

The overall team involved in building

Innovative Architects of distinction – fundamental asset towards any project. The “technical” contributors can be summarised and listed as follows:

Recent Projects